221 Murchison Street

Lister Clarence Building, Ladysmith


Municipal Mandate

The Revenue Section is mandated to supply a sustainable service; accessible contact centres; services with approachable, sensitive, dignified and competent staff; and credible service through efficient work procedures, best practice, dedication and modern technology.

The Revenue Section forms part of the Budget and Treasury Department, with the aim to supply quality services to all our citizens, serve the citizens of Alfred Duma Municipality as a well-governed and well-managed administration, and be known as the efficient, effective and caring municipality.

In line with our Integrated Development Plan (IDP) strategic focus areas, we aim to contribute to well-managed municipality and administration.

We strive to ensure that Council continues to be a well-managed Municipality by efficiently and effectively managing public resources, and making sure consumed services are correctly billed and that there are relevant processes to assist those who are in need of them.

The service is rendered with the purpose of ensuring that: